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Dong Nguyen is a recurring character on Netflix's original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He is the former boyfriend of Kimmy Schmidt.


Dong grew up in an unknown town in Vietnam. He eventually immigrated undocumented to the United States, where he got a job at a Chinese food restaurant.



Dong first met Kimmy at the same GED class in Kimmy Goes to School!. They have a connection from both feeling out of place in modern American culture, and developed feelings while studying together (Kimmy is Bad at Math!). Dong confesses his feelings for Kimmy in Kimmy Has a Birthday!; when Kimmy's ex-boyfriend Logan Beekman tries to deport Dong, Kimmy breaks up with him and starts dating Dong (Kimmy's in a Love Triangle!). Their relationship ends when Dong marries another GED classmate Sonja to avoid being deported in Kimmy Makes Waffles!

In Season 2, Kimmy initially tries to fight her connection with Dong (Kimmy Gives Up!). In Kimmy Goes to a Hotel!, Dong's wife confronts Kimmy after finding her scrunchie under Dong's pillow. Realizing they still have feelings for each other, they rekindle their romance but are having sexual trouble due to Kimmy's undiagnosed trauma. Despite finally consummating their relationship, Dong is deported due to having to undergo treatment at a hospital and they break up.


Sonja is Dong's ex-wife who marries him to help him acquire legal residency in the United States. Their marriage ends when Dong is arrested by the local police who hands him over to the authorities to be deported.


  • A reccuring joke throughout the series is when Kimmy refers to Dong, people think she means penis, because "dong" is an American slang term for penis (whereas it's a common name in Vietnam).
  • Dong never had a home in New York, and instead slept on the grill in the restaurant he worked at.
  • Dong spends much of the show hiding from the authorities under the alias of "Richard Pennsylvania".
  • He has mastered an "American" accent specifically for this purpose.
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