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Donna Maria Nuñez
Actor: TBA
Gender: Female
Location: Durnsville, Indiana (Current)
Occupation: Maid (Formerly)
Entrepreneur (Current)
Age: Early 50s
Family: Unknown
Relationships: (Unnamed) - Husband
First Appearance: "Kimmy Goes Outside!"
Ethnicity: Hispanic-American

Donna Maria Nuñez is a recurring character on Netflix's original show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is a middle-aged Hispanic woman who works with the Indiana-based housekeeping company Happy Maids.

She is a native Spanish speaker, and despite spending fifteen years in captivity with Cyndee, Kimmy and Gretchen (and Reverend Richard), she never seemed to pick up any English. Later on, as the Reverend's trial is underway, it is revealed that she did learn English but never revealed it (in the bunker she was frustrated being forced to live in close quarters with three teenage girls; after their release she used her image as a non-English speaker to profit from her brand of Mole sauce, as she used the Mole Woman status to gain fame and make money).

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