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Gretchen Chalker
Gretchen unbreakable.png
Actor: Lauren Adams
Gender: Female
Location: Durnsville, Indiana (Former)
New York City (Current)
Occupation: Cult Member Current
Age: Early 30s
Family: Unknown
First Appearance: Kimmy Goes Outside!
Last Appearance: Kimmy Says Bye!
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

"I like being brainwashed. I have a clean brain, you can eat off it!"

Gretchen Chalker is a character on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is portrayed by recurring cast member Lauren Adams.


Gretchen voluntarily joined Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne's cult, "Savior Rick's Spooky Church of the Scary Apocalypse," after the Reverend purchased some locks of her hair that she had put up for sale on Craigslist. After this transaction, they began an email correspondence, during which Gretchen recalls thinking that the Reverend had "some really good ideas."

During her time in the bunker, Gretchen was the only really devout member of the four women in the Reverend's cult. She maintained this devoutness after her rescue, and appears during the Reverend's trial with some women she had managed to convert to the Church.

In Season Two she joins a new church, Cosmetology, which is actually another cult. Kimmy kidnaps her and teaches her how to make decisions for herself therefore she creates her own cult, a sheep cult.


Unlike the other members of the "Mole Women," she has become completely brainwashed by Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne. Despite getting an "ambush makeover" in the first episode, she chooses to continue wearing the traditional blue dress that she wore in the bunker, and continues to support Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne by gathering followers to his cause. When they return to the bunker to find evidence, Gretchen is delighted. When it is revealed at the trial that the Reverend knew the apocalypse was not going to happen when he said he believed it would, Gretchen for the first time shows evidence of breaking from the brainwash.

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