Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Wiki
Actor: Kiernan Shipka
Gender: Female
Location: Durnsville, Indiana
Family: Lori-Ann Schmidt (Mother)
Randy (Father)
Kimmy Schmidt (Half sister)
First Appearance: Kimmy Has a Birthday!
Last Appearance: Kimmy Has a Birthday!

Kymmi is a guest character on Netflix's original series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is the half sister of Kimmy Schmidt.


As a child her parents, Lori-Ann and Randy, became paranoid when her half-sister, Kimmy, went missing after being kidnapped as a child, and they would not allow Kymmi to do stuff, resulting her not having friends or go trick or treating. Kymmi then became resentful towards her sister Kimmy because she felt her life has only been about what happen to her.

Kymmi first met her sister the day she was found and rescued, and she expressed her hatred towards her sister.

When Kimmy turned 30, Kymmi reluctantly went to New York with her father to see her. Kymmi told her sister she hated her but nevertheless attended to her party. They later have a fight and Kymmi locks herself in Titus' room before bailing out. Her father and Kimmy later found her in a restaurant. The two sisters make peace and the three of them eat together.