Lori Anne Schmidt
Season two lori ann schmidt
Actor: Lisa Kudrow
Gender: Female
Location: Durnsville, Indiana (Former)
Orlando, Florida (Current, Assumed)
Occupation: None
Age: Late 40s to Early 50s
Family: Kimmy Schmidt - Daughter
Randy - Husband
Kymmi - Daughter
Relationships: Randy (Unknown)
First Appearance: Kimmy Finds Her Mom!
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American

Lori Anne Schmidt is a character who appears on Netflix's original show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. She is portrayed by Lisa Kudrow.


Lori Anne lived in Durnsville, Indiana with her daughter Kimmy Schmidt until she was abruptly abducted. Lori was very saddened by this, but eventually left Durnsville due to not wanting to seem like a victim all the time. Afterwards, she began to have an obsession with rollercoasters and devoted the rest of her life on breaking world records in the rollercoaster category.

Season 2

"Kimmy Finds Her Mom!"



  • Lori became pregnant with Kimmy when she was a teenager, it is currently unknown who the father is.
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