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Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (aka Methuzalophsteron) is the senior prophet and CFO of Savior Rick's Spooky Church of the Scary Apocalypse and is responsible for kidnapping Kimmy Schmidt and three other women, holding them captive for 15 years. He is portrayed by Jon Hamm.


In the late 1990s, Richard lures four women to an underground bunker and convinces them the apocalypse had occurred and that they are the only ones left alive. He held teenagers Kimmy Schmidt, Cyndee Pokorny, Gretchen Chalker, as well as Donna Maria Nuñez captive for 15 years. He also works as a DJ on the side, and is reported as 'Durnsville's Worst Wedding DJ' according to presumed Yelp reviews.


Although Richard appears to be a Christian, his perception and knowledge of the bible is distorted (in a comical way). He believes God to be called Gosh and Jesus to be called Jeepers. According to him, Jeepers had a crazy step brother, Terry. He has many other odd stories from his "bible" and it is assumed that he made most of them up and tried to convince the women he captured that they were true.

Season 1

Kimmy Rides a Bike!

Richard makes his first appearance in the show in the 11th episode when his trial is held. He represents himself as his own lawyer in the trial and pleads innocent, quoting scripture and singing to the court to try and sway the judge and jurors.

Season 2

Kimmy Finds Her Mom!

The Reverend gives Kimmy a call from jail, letting her know he would like a divorce. This surprises Kimmy, who didn't think the marriage was legitimate.

Season 3


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