Russ Snyder
Actor: Before being smooshed : David Cross

After being smooshed : Billy Magnussen

Gender: Male
Location: New York, New York City, United States
Occupation: Business Company CEO
Age: 27
Family: Orson Snyder [Father]

Duke Snyder [ Brother] Jacqueline White [Ex Wife]

Relationships: Jacqueline White [Ex Wife]
First Appearance: Season 2 Episode 8 " Kimmy Goes to a Hotel"
Last Appearance: [Not Yet Available]
Ethnicity: Caucasian American

Russ Snyder was a long-term and former relationship with Jacqueline White. He was married to Jacqueline for the duration of season 3 and was married when he was in a coma.

Jacqueline White transformed a former annoying, business addicted man into a hospitable and kind human being. Trying to make Russ fall in love with her, Jacqueline tries to seduce him and get pregnant so that she can get to his money [since she only gained $12,000,000 in her divorce to Julian Voorhees Instead, Jacqueline fell in love with Russ.

Russ and Jacqueline had common interests including taking down his family owned name of Redskins for a New York sports team. Being a Native American, Jacqueline hated this thus her and Russ used the family to take down the name.

Russ was hit by a car putting him in a life-threatening coma so his charities were put on hold and Jacqueline had to change the Redskin name through manipulation alone [which she did successfully]. Jacqueline thought that she could not take care of Russ after his coma but then saw his incredibly, 'handsome-as-hell' attractive new face and body so she knew that she was making the right decision.

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