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Titus Andromedon
Season three titus andromedon.png
Actor: Tituss Burgess
Gender: Male
Location: Chickasaw County, Mississippi (Former)
New York City (Current)
Occupation: Arcade Robot Mascot (Former)
Actor (Current)
Age: Mid 30s
Family: 5 Aunts (Unnamed)
Relationships: Mikey Politano - Husband

Reuben - Ex-Boyfriend
Vonda - Ex-Wife
Many Ex-Boyfriends (Unnamed)

First Appearance: Kimmy Goes Outside!
Last Appearance: Kimmy Says Bye!
Ethnicity: African-American

"Titus Apallonia Andromedon", born Ronald Ephen Wilkerson, is the deuteragonist on Netflix's original series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He is portrayed by starring cast member Tituss Burgess.


Titus Andromedon, born Ronald Wilkerson, was born and raised in Mississippi. He was on the successful football team and a lot of girls liked him, but this made his high school experience uncomfortable for him because he knew he was gay.

However, being elected the prom King alleviated the experience marginally. Sometime after he graduated, he moved to New York City with hopes of being an actor on Broadway. He auditioned for The Lion King several times but never made the cut. He later tried to make his own version of the musical, but ended the production under the threat of copyright infringement from Disney's lawyers.

Season 1

"Kimmy Goes Outside!"

In the first episode, Titus is living in a basement apartment owned by his landlord, Lillian Kaushtupper. Lillian puts an advertisement for a roommate for Titus as he has a minimum wage job and doesn't have the money to pay the rent. Kimmy Schmidt meets Titus for the first time when she answers the ad.

Titus tells her he will accept her as his roommate if she gets a job. She does, and they go out to celebrate. However, Kimmy's backpack gets stolen (with all her money in it) and Titus tells Kimmy she should just go back to Indiana. He then tells her his story about how his dreams were crushed by New York, including 20 failed auditions for a role in the Lion King. She agrees at first, but at the last second changes her mind and decides to stay in the city as Titus' roommate.

"Kimmy Gets a Job!"

Titus deals with the wonders of copyright law and gets assaulted by a psychotic 8-year-old for money. He tried to make his own version of the Lion King with no budget after his tenth failed audition.

"Kimmy Goes on a Date!"

Titus lies to Lillian about money so he can spend it on headshots for his future careers

"Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!

Titus auditions for a Spider-man musical in which he sings and flies around on a harness

"Kimmy Kisses a Boy!"

Titus realises and tells Kimmy that Cyndee's boyfriend Brandon is gay and outs him.

"Kimmy Goes to School!"

"Kimmy Goes to a Party!"

"Kimmy is Bad at Math!"

"Kimmy Has a Birthday!"

"Kimmy Rides a Bike!"

"Kimmy Goes to Court!"

"Kimmy Makes Waffles!"


  • In Season 4 Episode 4, In a flashback the jocks call him Titus, despite the fact the name "Titus Andromedon" was not coined until Titus' wedding and he should have been called Ronald
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