The best way to become a useful member to this wiki is by having a basic understanding of its policies.

The Box of Basic Rules
  1. Be nice to all other users, if you want the admins to be nice to you.
  2. Before you make an edit on a page, look at a similar page, see how its formatted and follow that. (Oh, and beware of the grammar Nazis)
  3. Don't create new categories. If you think we need a new one, make a blog post about it and link it to an admin.
  4. Don't just copy things and put them in one of the pages. What you write is a million times better.
  5. Do not upload images just to place on a user page.
  6. Do not upload images that have a logo on them or ones with letterboxing ("bars" around the image).
If you break any of the previous more than once, you will be banned.