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This is a list of Staff members on the wiki and how to become one.



Founder of the wiki. Leave a message if you need help with anything.. Active

Want to be a part of the staff?

If you want to become a part of the staff, please read the following and check if you are qualified:

  1. Have you been on the wikia for a while? The minimum is 2 weeks, the more the better.
  2. Have you contributed to the wikia? You have to have a minimum of 200 edit count.
  3. Have you contributed well? Other than doing edits on articles, you can contribute by being active and helpful in the forums, or by producing excellent blogs. Quality counts as much as quantity.
  4. Do you have a history of conflicts or disruption? If you have been banned twice, do not apply.

If you qualify based on the previous question, start a blog post and link it to an admin.

Helpful links: I Want to Be an Admin